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The Best Health programme is a group programme for people with obesity.

Dr. Grace O’Malley and Bernadette Keenan

Childhood Obesity Interview

Understanding Childhood Obesity

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“Irish Men & Obesity” Podcast Launch on World Obesity Day- Europe March 4th 2024

Irish Men & Obesity” Podcast Launch on World Obesity Day Europe March 4th

We are joined by five Irish men who live with the chronic relapsing disease of obesity who share their very personal lived experiences in the hope to encourage men to seek help earlier for their obesity. Also joining is Professor Donal O’Shea, HSE Clinical Lead for Obesity.

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Irish patient organisation wins top European obesity award - November 2023

The Irish Coalition for People Living with Obesity (ICPO) has won a top European award for an initiative to raise awareness about obesity.

The award for the Best Public Engagement Programme in connection with World Obesity Day in Europe has been awarded to ICPO by the European Coalition for People Living with Obesity (ECPO).

ICPO (https://icpobesity.org)  is an organisation of people living with obesity who provide or direct education and support and raise awareness for people living with overweight or obesity across Ireland.

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HSE Talking Health & Wellbeing Podcast -Oct 2023

Susie Birney, the lead for the Irish Coalition for People Living with Obesity (ICPO) shares her personal experience of living with obesity, highlighting the difference between overweight and obesity. She also shares her personal experience of encountering weight bias within the healthcare system. Her experience reflects the damaging impact of internalized weight bias and how the language others use can reinforce this. Hosted by Eamon Keogh, we also discuss the importance of challenging stigma and misconceptions surrounding obesity. This includes the need for neutral and positive imagery in the media and the importance of healthcare professionals avoiding assumptions and biases when discussing obesity with patients.

2023 has been a year of some
transitions for us in ICPO.

We started the year with our workshop which brought together our board, committee and members to learn more about policy, advocacy and Patient & Public Involvement.

It has been a transition for us stepping forward from the familiar space of peer support, which we have years of experience with, into the less familiar world of advocacy and having the team together in person is vital for us to work more effectively to plan ahead. For our World Obesity Day Campaign we tentatively created our very first podcast “Sticks and Stones may break my bones but names will also hurt me” We never would have imagined that at the end of the year we would win a European 2023 award from the European Coalition for People Living with Obesity for this podcast. This was for the “Best Public Engagement Programme and was a proud moment to have our volunteer work recognised and rewarded. What stands out for us is seeing new members contact us and say that they felt like they were hearing their own stories, and they did not feel so alone anymore.

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Living With Obesity

We share information in the hope it will help, support and inspire people living with Obesity in Ireland. If you would like to volunteer, get in touch!


Infographic Preparing for Medical Consultations

Information on How to Prepare for a Medical Consultation. Gather information about the HCP’s attitude; select your caregiver according to his/her reputation for respect towards people living with obesity if possible…

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Living with Obesity

Infographic : Weight Stigma

Weight bias is defined as negative attitudes toward and beliefs about others because of their weight. Weight stigma refers to social stereotypes and misconceptions about people with obesity.

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Stigma in Healthcare

Mental Health and Obesity

Enabling Participation

Stigma in Society

Support Meetings

Support Meetings

We host online zoom meetings every week. Anyone who lives in Ireland and is affected by overweight, or obesity is welcome. Details are shared in the support groups each week, meetings are usually one hour. Anyone interested must register their email once with us, and we will send the new link, for each meeting.

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October 14, 2021

Routine Activity

Credit to Photographers Matt Love & Maura Murphy European Image Bank : www.ecpomedia.org It is widely assumed that people living with obesity are not physically active at all...
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    October 14, 2021

    Living Life

    Credit to Photographers Matt Love & Maura Murphy European Image Bank : www.ecpomedia.org We see very often people living in larger bodies are stigmatised as being lazy, gluttonous...
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      October 14, 2021


      Credit to Photographers Matt Love & Maura Murphy European Image Bank : www.ecpomedia.org Obesity is a complex disease. A very visual disease compared to most. We may not...
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