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About ICPO : Meet the team, see our Partners & Collaborators

The ICPO is an absolutely fantastic organisation and a driving force in advocating for better care for those living with obesity in Ireland. It is so important for healthcare professionals to hear the voice of people with lived experience of this chronic disease.
Michael Crotty

What the ICPO has added to obesity care in Ireland is the importance of patient engagement. What has stood out for me is the ICPO’s ability to amplify the patient voice to allow lay people and healthcare professionals to rethink why obesity is not being approached as a disease. People living with obesity tell us is that they have never felt as supported as when they have peer to peer interactions within the ICPO
Professor Carel le Roux

ICPO are at the forefront of advocacy for people affected by obesity in Ireland. Their work is so important in highlighting the need for better access to clinical services as well as the need for greater awareness among health professionals and the general public of the biological basis for excess body weight.
Professor Francis Finucane

Our Mission

Our mission as a group of people living with obesity is to provide or direct people to education, support and raise awareness for people living with overweight or obesity across Ireland.

Partners & Supporters

Our Partners & Collaborators

We are a volunteer non-profit patient led organisation, who would not be able to continue to advocate as we do, without the financial support from our partners.

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Meet our Team

Meet our ICPO Team

While growing our team of advocates to create our organisation, we have seen some volunteers come and go. This is the nature of volunteer work with people who live with a chronic illness.

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As a volunteer non-profit patient led organisation we would not be able to continue to advocate as we do without support from our partners.
This support has enabled us to provide vital training for our volunteers, to create our website, and to create valuable resources for our community like our ICPO magazine.
This support has no contribution or influence over the content or decision making for any of our activities which are solely led by our patient volunteers as per our Constitution.

We would like to thank all for their support.


Collaborators & Supporters

During the slow process of creating our organisation we have been lucky to have the guidance, advice and support from so many other organisations both from home and abroad.
Without this support we would not have had the confidence, the courage or the strength to continue advocating as we do.

We look forward to continue to collaborate and give support in return. We do believe that there is strength in numbers.

Meet our Team

Our Team

Since we began building an army of advocates to create our organisation, we have seen some volunteers come and go. This is the nature of volunteer work with people who live with a chronic illness.
All of our volunteers give their time freely when they can, despite employment, caring for family members and living with the disease of obesity and all the barriers that life brings itself.

We want to thank our volunteers both past and present for the work they do in order to improve the lives for people living with obesity in Ireland.


It has been both satisfying and inspirational to see how far ICPO have come in such a short time. We partnered on several initiatives and have been delighted with how much we learned from the strong team of advocates in ICPO. We have looked to ICPO and its success in partnership working with ASOI as a model that we should seek to adapt as a beacon of good practice. We have future joint projects already in the pipeline for the coming year with ICPO and we are looking forward to reaping the benefits together.
Ken Clare


“EASO has been pleased to support the incredible work of the ICPO in creating and officially establishing in August 2020. The ICPO is an example of what can be achieved when committed and dynamic people come together to facilitate change. ICPO members have been active participants in EASO activities including World Obesity Day Europe, and Advocating on Obesity training sessions, and many ICPO Board and Committee members are now expert advocates in their own right. ICPO is always one of the most visible national organisations in European campaign and initiatives and are a benchmark for other patient groups across our region. Long may this fantastic work continue!’
Euan Woodward

Executive Director the European Association for Studies of Obesity

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