April 2023- Changing Perspectives on Obesity (Stigmatising Cover image swapped for our own)

Ms Niamh Arthurs writes that the 30th European Congress on Obesity, which takes place in Dublin next month, will showcase the recent strides Ireland has made in obesity research and healthcare 

World Obesity Day 2023 took place on Saturday 4 March. The Association for the Study of Obesity on the Island of Ireland (ASOI: https://asoi.info/) and the Irish Coalition for People Living with Obesity (ICPO: https://icpobesity.org/) collaborated yet again for the worldwide campaign to raise awareness and reduce obesity stigma. The theme this year was ‘Changing perspectives: Let’s talk about obesity’. This global campaign uses conversation and stories to help people correct misconceptions surrounding obesity, acknowledge its complexities, and take effective, collective action.

Ms Bernie Walsh from the ICPO stated: “Ignoring the reality of obesity as a disease contributes to stigma, shame, stress and worsening health. I couldn’t ignore the reality of obesity as I was living with it, and still do, and all the barriers it brings daily. Worsening health only improved directly with treatment and help from both professionals and peer support. Sharing our lived experiences with campaigns such as World Obesity Day and congresses helps us in addressing obesity together.”


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