Oct 2023 -Changing the Global Obesity Narrative to Recognize and Reduce Weight Stigma

The World Obesity Federation releases position statement by global obesity community addressing weight stigma and changing obesity narratives.
ICPO Board of Director Chair Vicki Mooney and Executive Director Susie Birney are two of the 39 co-Authors on this newly published global effort to address obesity stigma.

This paper published in Obesity Reviews sheds light on the pervasive misconceptions and stereotypes associated with higher body weight, presenting weight stigma as both a social determinant of health and a human rights issue while recognising its variations by culture and geography.

Nine recommendations to reduce weight stigma have been outlined by a weight stigma working group, convened by World Obesity Federation. Following these steps will create a more inclusive and understanding world.

The full press release from the World Obesity Federation can be found here:
The full Paper can be read here:

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