Childhood Obesity

Obesity represents the greatest single threat to the health and wellbeing of our children.

Dr. Grace O’Malley

Stigma and Bias in Child and Adolescent Obesity

I have been working in the field of childhood obesity assessment and management for the past 15 years and there are a number of key moments that always stick in my mind…

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Irish Heart Foundation

A Childhood Obesity Manifesto For the future of our children’s health

Obesity represents the greatest single threat to the health and wellbeing of our children. Without drastic action to change their futures, many will be left to face lives dominated by chronic disease and long-term ill health in advance of premature death…

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Tackling Childhood Obesity A written submission from the Health Service Executive

Obesity is not just about the shape and size of individuals, it is a major public health challenge. Consequences can be lifelong and even intergenerational. Most importantly, overweight and obesity can be prevented…

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Childhood Obesity Task Force

Childhood Obesity Is a Chronic Disease Demanding Specific Health Care

Childhood obesity is one of the greatest health challenges of the 21st century. The EASO COTF is convinced that classifying obesity as a chronic disease in children and adolescents is a crucial step for increasing individual and societal awareness…

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Childhood Obesity

Living with Obesity
Childhood Obesity

Creating healthy environments in our homes, schools and communities can support children to grow and develop healthily. This webinar discusses obesity prevention in early childhood and shares findings from initiatives taking place to promote healthy eating and active living in young children.

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Sláinte Care

10 Year Programme

Sláintecare is the ten-year programme to transform our health and social care services. It is the roadmap for building a world-class health and social care service for the Irish people.

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Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a chronic disease that is treated most effectively by longitudinal care delivered by a multi-disciplinary clinical team. Childhood Obesity Education, aims to empower health care professionals in Ireland.

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Childhood Obesity Education

Study Team

The LANDSCAPE study team want to hear from healthcare professionals and managers in Ireland who see children and adolescents in their daily practice

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What is childhood obesity?

An introduction to childhood obestity

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Weight with children and families

A guide to discussing weight with children and families

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Championing the use of people-first language in childhood overweight and obesity to address weight bias and stigma: A joint statement from the European-Childhood-Obesity-Group

Bernadette Keenan

Bernadette Keenan discusses her experiences as a mum of a youth living with obesity.

Bernadette, mother of Cara (

Portuguese mother

Portuguese mother discusses her daughter Marta and how they need to find proper information on understanding how to treat her daughter who lives with obesity.

Caterina, mother of Marta (

Marta's story

Marta shares her experiences of such a young child living with obesity and the stigma this brought.

Marta’s story (

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