Diets do they work?

When you google “how many diet clubs are there?”, instead of giving a number they will give you the top seven!

  1. Noom
  2. Weight watchers
  3. Keto diet
  4. The fast 800
  5. Unislim
  7. Motivation

Most of these I have tried at some stage of my life starting with unislim 1976 at the tender age of 7, joining with my mum & my aunt. The “club” was just around the corner from our House . This became a prominent feature in my life!
I have tried many diets from calorie counting, carbs counting, meal replacement shakes, frozen calorie counted meals to name a few.
Each diet started with enthusiasm and natural high was gained as I would lose the weight, I would initially feel fantastic!

I would say to myself

“this time I will succeed I will lose all this weight, I will look just like my friends”

But as it became harder to sustain the diet, I would be unable to continue and feel like I’d hit a brick wall !

Each diet would send in my body into turmoil, My cravings would be so strong and hunger would put me in foul form , then the negative thoughts would return, the low self esteem which would lead to me eating all that had been forbidden and more, thus putting on the weight I had lost with more! I would become disillusioned, Unwilling to try again until a comment about my size would make me think again.
This would then start the hunt for the next big diet,” this one will surely
Work!” This was my vicious circle !

Sometimes when I was trying one of these diets, I would hide the fact because I didn’t want people to know that I was on yet “another diet”
I didn’t want to admit I was “trying again “

The diet industry tap into our insecurities they use complex psychology to make us feel that unless we do their diet we will never lose weight, thus making us feel in adequate, when the diet
Just doesn’t work! This is how they make millions from us.

Now I know that obesity is a disease and it is recurring , with the right support, medication & some times surgery, we can fight back, take proper control of our bodies.
This is the path I have now taken, I am supported by a multidisciplinary medical team. I have also gained fantastic knowledge & support from patient lead groups like ICPO !

Mary Frances White

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Susie Birney

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  1. This article brilliantly uncovers the truth behind diets and their effectiveness. It provides valuable insights into why conventional diets often fail and highlights the importance of adopting a sustainable lifestyle approach to achieve lasting results. The authors in-depth analysis and evidence-based arguments make this a must-read for anyone seeking a holistic and realistic approach to managing obesity and overall health. Well done! Alex Cool.

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