Irish patient organisation wins top European obesity award

The Irish Coalition for People Living with Obesity (ICPO) has won a top European award for an initiative to raise awareness about obesity.


The award for the Best Public Engagement Programme in connection with World Obesity Day in Europe has been awarded to ICPO by the European Coalition for People Living with Obesity (ECPO).

ICPO (  is an organisation of people living with obesity who provide or direct education and support and raise awareness for people living with overweight or obesity across Ireland.

For World Obesity Day Europe 2023, ICPO launched their first podcast entitled “Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, but names will also hurt me.”
The podcast, which features a discussion among people living with obesity, has won widespread acclaim as an educational resource on stigma and mental health discussions.

Members from ICPO Linda, Catherine, Maura and Susie joined together to discuss their own experiences and those of others in their community in the effort to raise awareness of the harmful outcomes of weight stigma, bias and discrimination.
Addressing stigma is on the top of priorities for ICPO who have been delivering stigma education sessions to healthcare students alongside the Association for the Studies of Obesity Ireland.

“The feedback we received after the podcast was aired gave us even more determination to continue to address weight stigma so we can improve the lives of people living with obesity.
New people reached out to join our peer support meetings. We are proud to win this award”
– Maura Murphy, ICPO Secretary

Winners of other World Obesity Europe awards for 2023 include organisations in Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, and Israel. More details of the awards and winners can be viewed on the World Obesity Day Europe website:


For further information on this award and ICPO, please get in touch with Executive Director, Susie Birney or Secretary, Maura Murphy and visit the website:

For further information on World Obesity Day Europe, please see

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