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These resources are shared to help increase the understanding about obesity.

World Obesity Day 2023
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Listen to our podcast here! “Words Matter for Obesity” Stick and Stones may break my bones, but names can also hurt me Catherine, Linda, Maura and Susie chat about how important it is we look at how words matter for people living with overweight or obesity. We thank ECPO for facilitating the making of this podcast.

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Overweight & Obesity- Lets Talk 2022

Overweight and obesity are largely preventable, however, in the past two decades levels of overweight and obesity in Ireland have doubled. Now only 40% of us have a healthy weight. In terms of scale, this represents one of the biggest…

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Talking about Weight - A Guide to developing Healthy Habits

Overweight and obesity affects people of all age groups and backgrounds. In Ireland, many people have a higher body weight than is advised by national and international health agencies. Some people living with overweight or obesity do not see themselves as carrying too much weight. Having extra weight can seem quite ordinary.

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HSE National Obesity Clinical Programme

Overweight and obesity is defined as ”abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health” (World Health Organisation, 2017). It is a progressive, chronic and complex disease affecting all ages and genders. Body mass index (BMI) is the most widely used measure of obesity in clinical practice as direct assessment of body fat is not readily available

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A Healthy Weight for Ireland

Overweight and obesity are largely preventable, however, in the past two decades levels of overweight and obesity in Ireland have doubled. Now only 40% of us have a healthy weight. In terms of scale, this represents one of the biggest…

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Stigma in Healthcare

Mental Health and Obesity

Enabling Participation

Stigma in Society

EASO COMS Webinar -June 2023

The HSE Model of Care for management of overweight and obesity

Royal College of Physicians Webinar - August 2020

Irish Model of care for Obesity -Professor Donal O’Shea

ICPO Newsletter Oct 2020

ICPO Newsletter June 2022

ICPO Magazine Sept 21

ICPO Magazine Jan 23

ASOI & ICPO WOD Looking Beyond Weight
Fear of Falling - Colin Dunlevy
Weight Regain Colin Dunlevy


Professor Francis Finucane on Alive & Kicking with Claire McKenna Newstalk

Understanding genetics better will help us devise more effective treatment strategies and will help us understand which patients get the most drive from specific treatments



Disspelling the Myths - Bariatric Surgery

This is a very individual decision made between the patient and surgeon after a lengthy consultation and after multidisciplinary evaluation. Every member of the multi-disciplinary team can influence the decision regarding procedure choice WITH the patient. At a pre-op assessment, the bariatric team set realistic expectations with the patient. We will not operate on someone who has unrealistic expectations.

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Medications fo Obesity

Disspelling the Myths - Medications fo Obesity

Obesity is a chronic disease with two main symptoms: increased hunger and lack of satiety (fullness). The disease may have important complications such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, certain types of cancers, obstructive sleep apnea, worsening of osteoarthritis and fatty liver disease.

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ICPO Movement Club


ICPO Living Well Programme


World Obesity Day 2021


Obesity Action Forum Maura


Obesity Action Forum Diane


Information, Advice and Treatment provides information and advice on health conditions, symptoms, self-care and treatment, including how to live well with long-term illness. New content, developed by the National Clinical Programme Obesity team is now live

People can now access factual evidence based information on the causes, diagnosis and treatment of obesity. It highlights obesity as a complex chronic multi-factorial condition requiring individualised treatment and long-term support, like any other chronic disease. Definitions of weight stigma and bias are also included, acknowledging the negative physical and mental health effects this can have and where people living with obesity can access peer support. Information on the range of self-management supports available as well as the pharmacotherapy and surgery treatment options are included.The HSE Living Well Programme is a free, group self-management programme, for managing long term health conditions.

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