Peer to Peer

Peer to peer support is valuable. There are various ways we can direct you to access support. Contact


Online Zoom Meetings

We host online zoom meetings every week. Anyone who lives in Ireland and is affected by overweight, or obesity is welcome. Details are shared in the support groups each week as we change what day and what time meetings are held. Anyone interested must register their email once with us and we will send the new link for each meeting. Privacy of all attending meetings is held strictly.

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1 Hour to 90 Minutes

Meeting Times

Meeting days and times are rotated regularly to accommodate all. Since beginning meetings in March 2020 we have noticed the more popular times people prefer. Examples of meeting times might be any morning from between 11 up to 2pm or usually a Monday or Thursday evening between 7-9pm. Meetings can be set from 1 hour to maximum of 90 minutes.


Meeting Topics

Examples of meeting topics can be general chat, planning, coping strategies, medications, bariatric surgery, Skin removal surgery, weight regain, Transfer addiction and weight stigma. We often start with a topic and then follow a discussion raised by a person at a meeting. The meetings follow the needs of the those attending them and work well as everyone there understands the confidentiality of the discussions.

1. Peer Support


Meeting Details

We often invite guests to join in full or for part of a meeting. We have had many members from multi-disciplinary teams join us, dieticians, physchologists, endocrinologists, researchers etc. Approximately every 3 weeks on a Friday between 12-2pm we have an hour session with weight management service physiotherapist Colin Dunlevy who runs through a series of home exercises that people can do standing or sitting. These have been one of our most popular meetings since we began.

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