October 14, 2021

Living Life

Credit to Photographers Matt Love & Maura Murphy
European Image Bank : www.ecpomedia.org

We see very often people living in larger bodies are stigmatised as being lazy, gluttonous and unmotivated. We hear from many of our support group chats people noticing that in their workplace they are often treated as if they are incompetent or lacking in intelligence.
On television and in films we often see people living with obesity eating unhealthily, have poor lifestyle choices, often are single and have no friends.
Contrary to these beliefs we know that our community live happy, fulfilled, successful and productive lives just like everyone else.
With 60% of the Irish population living with either overweight or obesity, this is your colleague, friend , relative or neighbour.
We hope that raising awareness of this stigma will help improve the lives of people YOU know in your life.


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