Saturday, March 4th is #WorldObesityDay

Many events are happening globally and we are proud to be playing our part in #AddressingObesityTogether” and #ChangingPerspectives



We launch our first podcast titled “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but names will also hurt me”
The discussion between Linda, Catherine, Maura and Susie follows on the theme of how “Words Matter”

We also in collaboration with the Association for the Studies of Obesity Ireland- ASOI (chair Cathy Breen) will be launching a series of educational videos of discussions between various healthcare providers and people living with obesity linking to the new Irish Clinical Practise Guidelines.


These topics will discuss and highlight :
1. Stigma – In healthcare, patients do not fail treatments
2. Stigma – In society, self internalized stigma, the importance of the patient voice.
3. Enabling Participation – Change in focus from weight centric discussions, encouraging patient participation.
4. Mental Health – Negative self talk, shame and blame, weight regain and changed perspectives post weight loss.
5. Understanding Childhood Obesity.
Dr. Grace O’Malley clinical lead of child and adolescent obesity service, Childrens Health Ireland and ICPOs Bernadette Keenan discuss topics such as recognising when weight is an issue, how to avoid stigma in the home, engaging with a HCP and also the impact of words.

All activities can be followed here :
Twitter : @icpobesity @ASOIreland @ECPObesity @ObesityDayEU

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