ASO UK Belfast – Sept 2023

Reflecting on the three days of sessions at the ASO UK annual UKCO event in Belfast which had huge patient and public involvement and engagement throughout.
It is always a valuable and inspiring outcome to meet in person with fellow advocates and colleagues and the photos speak for themselves. Wether presenting, co-chairing, chatting 1:1 with delegates or chatting to each other over dinner, the engagement and interaction has been powerful.
We made new connections and have plans for the future.
Huge congratulations to those who shared their experiences for the first time, it is never easy to know how far and personal to go and how it is recieved. There was huge amount of feedback at how impactful the lived experience was at this conference.
Thats our job done!
We at ICPO would like to directly congratulate Ken Clare on winning the prestigous fellowship award from ASO UK for his dedication and advocacy work over the years. Ken has been a huge support and advisor to us at ICPO and we can only aspire to achieve half of what Ken has has achieved over the years.
Well done Ken!

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