The National Clinical Programme Lets Talk overweight & Obesity 2021

The National Clinical Programme hosted its second summer school in August 2020 and had a strong ICPO involvement throughout the event. Feedback after the event showed that this was impactful for many who attended.
We were proud of all our advocates who shared their experiences in the hope to raise awareness of the lived experience and barriers of those living with obesity.

Obesity is a Disease

Dr. Michael Crotty

Reflections on "Let’s Talk" Role play - Oct '21

The role play highlighted the assumptions that are made in society and in healthcare about people living with obesity. Assumptions about a persons eating habits, physical activity and health.The GP fails to listen to what the patient is saying and immediately focuses on weight as the only possible cause the presenting symptoms. It highlights the overly simplistic and ineffective “Eat Less, Move More” strategy that is still advised by many healthcare professionals. This is an approach that further stigmatises obesity and ignores the overwhelming scientific evidence that obesity is a complex chronic disease and not a choice, lifestyle issue or lack of willpower.The role play demonstrates the effects of weight bias in primary care with the patient unlikely to return for ongoing care to this doctor in the future.

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Susie Birney
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